Must-Read Books for Reformed Newbies

The number one question I get over Twitter and email due to my Twitter account and podcast is “I’m new to Reformed theology. What books should I read?” Since I get this question a lot, I decided to write a blog post about it. Now, before I begin, I have a few opinions, tips, and disclaimers: If you’re brand new to Reformed theology, meaning that either you’re studying it being newly Reformed or you’re looking...
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Calvinist Batman’s Top 5 Books of 2015

2015 has been a crazy year. My podcast has taken off. I also got an interview and book review opportunity late this year from two different book publishers! This has given me the ability to read and interview some amazing authors who wrote some great books. I decided to list the top five I have had the pleasure of coming across this year. The only two rules for this list were that the book had...
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Did Kevin Meet God and Get Saved in Home Alone?

I watch home alone with my family every year, but this year I noticed a few details that started to make me think something deeper is going on. When I dug in, the rabbit hole went deep. I believe that Kevin McCallister actually meets God and becomes a Christian in this movie. I”M NOT CRAZY… sorry for yelling. Watch and believe!0

The Sabbath: A Perpetual Precept Part 1

I was raised in a Christian home. I grew up in the Church. I attended the full spectrum of Sunday School classes. I went to VBS every summer. I went to a conservative Bible College. But through all of that I never (if my memory serves me correctly) remember hearing, discussing, or even reading about the doctrine of the Sabbath. This is partially a reflection of the particular theological stream that I was raised in...
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There is No Cage

I distinctly remember the first Calvinist I met. Rob was an RA in my dorm at SAGU, an Assemblies of God university. How he ended up in that situation is beyond me, but wow, he seemed so much angrier about God than everyone else on campus, so that’s what I associated with Calvinism. In retrospect, it wasn’t fair, but I didn’t know any better; I didn’t really understand what he believed, and he was so...
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Legalism: A Lethal Enemy of Gospel-Freedom

As Christians who live between the D-Day and V-Day of Christ’s first and second coming, there are certain enemies that we have to be on the lookout for. Enemies that, though they are in one sense defeated in Christ, still exert a toxic influence. At my local church I have been preaching through the book of Galatians and one enemy in particular that Paul constantly warns against is legalism. And he warns that it’s not...
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Good Read: Noah Primeval

I was first introduced to Brian Godawa through a book he wrote a number of years ago called Hollywood Worldviews. In the book, Godawa writes on the subject matter of the Christian’s interaction with entertainment and the worldviews that exist behind the narratives of every story. Godawa is also known for having written a few screenplays for the big screen, including To End All Wars (2001) and The Visitation (2006). Though I thoroughly enjoyed what I had read from Godawa, only...
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