Church Membership: Continuing the Conversation

The local church member could be identified by a variety of characteristics.  Among these are: Commitment to the local body (and all this entails, e.g., weep with the weeping, rejoice with the rejoicing); Submission to their fellow church members and leaders (this includes submitting to their oversight, teaching, and if necessary, discipline); They visibly represent Christ to their surrounding community; and They engage together in corporate prayer and corporate worship. But there is yet another...
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God’s Sovereignty Over Sin

Introduction God is not the author of sin. God does not force people to sin. Man can not blame God for his own sin. We can not relax in our fight against sin. Now that we have that out of the way… When we speak about God’s sovereignty over creation, there are varying degrees of acceptance and exceptions in the mind of the given hearer. For example, nobody has a problem with saying God makes the grass grow and die,...
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New Episode On Tap!


Hot Topic #1- Believer’s Baptism Vs. Infant Baptism

PCA pastor Mark Fodale argues for infant baptism against Greg who defends believer’s baptism

New Episode On Tap!


Reformed Pubcast Episode 81: Joe Thorn on Depression, Anxiety and the Trinity

On tap this week: We’re online baby!, Tanner hangs ten, And we talk with Joe Thorn about depression, anxiety, and the Trinity.


Dad vs Nature – Potty Prize

Since becoming a father, I’ve become accustomed to my kids making very loud observations.  This is one of those observations I have nightmares about, and if you’re like me, you’ll never look at tattoos the same again… Read more Dad vs Nature18


Top ten ways to be a reformed hipster – Part 1

Beards, Buns, and Bibles! Oh My! Now a day it’s just not about being reformed, but also taking the steps to be hip while you study God’s Word. I am a 25-year-old Reformed Hipster and I am going to guide you on how you too can be a Reformed Hipster! 10. The clothing I have three words for you: Glasses, flannel, and jeans. With these three items you can start your path to becoming hipster....
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Marriage and the Gospel

  As I grow older, I begin to see the gospel more apparent in everyday life. My reformed theology has become the lens through which I perceive my surroundings. Although my sanctification seems to be a slow but steady process, this lens has changed how I interact with the world we live in and more specifically, my marriage. Not only does the gospel influence our marriage, but marriage is not anything other than the beauty...
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Dear Mark

Mark Driscoll was the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. The ministry he lead greatly impacted my own life, but due to sin on his part – of which he is currently unrepentant and still living in – I cannot in good conscience recommend him as a teacher today. He has disqualified himself from the ministry and has need of being restored, if that is even possible. This would begin with humbling himself...
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