Many Avengers, One Body

Every time I sit down to watch a new movie in the popular ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’, I find myself asking the same question: Is this going to be the one where the bubble bursts? The upward swing, I believe, began with ‘Iron Man’ in 2008. Since then, the Marvel universe has taken our cinemas by storm – introducing us to a slew of interesting characters and continually setting the bar higher and higher for each...
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Calvinism’s Greatest Issue

Every week, I go to an Arminian church. Yes, Calvinist Batman goes to an Arminian church. Why? It’s simple: to learn unity. Now don’t get me wrong. The church I go to isn’t one of the seeker-friendly churches that play Michael Jackson when you walk into the sanctuary with your free Starbucks drink made for you by one of the church’s many hipsters. My church doesn’t put on incredible light shows and hold worship concerts...
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Patriot Problems

It’s the fourth of July today, and among Christians, there are two extremes that people tend to fall in: hyper-patriotism or national cynicism. Let’s talk about both of these real quick. HYPER-PATRIOTISM Hyper-patriotism is a word I made to describe loving your nation to a fault. Regardless of what we love, we must love with an eye open. Thanks to total depravity, nothing is right with the world or anything we love (outside of God)....
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