Top ten ways to be a reformed hipster – Part 1

Beards, Buns, and Bibles! Oh My!

Now a day it’s just not about being reformed, but also taking the steps to be hip while you study God’s Word. I am a 25-year-old Reformed Hipster and I am going to guide you on how you too can be a Reformed Hipster!

10. The clothing

I have three words for you: Glasses, flannel, and jeans.

With these three items you can start your path to becoming hipster. Look at this year’s gospel coalition conference, what do you see? Flannel, you see a plethora of flannel in shades of red, blue, and green. Thick rimmed glasses, whether you need glasses or not, you need 50’s style glasses to really sell the look. Jeans, some jeans are skinny, others well fitting, but all have cuffed legs and designer boots made to look old.

My recommendation would be to pick up three good flannel shirts, two pairs of jeans (preferably tight-fitting), and some Buddy Holly glasses to top it all off! Also make sure all your clothing is from a philanthropist company so you can humblebrag.

For further study look for designer boots, and beanies

9. Tattoos



Do you want to show off that you are a really a Reformed Hipster? There is no better way than to get a Greek or Hebrew tattoo across your bicep or wrist. Why get the Lord’s name in English when you can have it in Hebrew? Want to show that you’re a slave to Christ? Doulos (slave) in Greek with the roman numeral of when the Lord saved on your bicep will really show your devotion.

Other recommendations include crosses made out of Bible verses, and sleeves depicting the Gospel

8. The hair

This is easy. Go to your local barber and ask for a disjointed undercut with a hard part….. What’s that? You don’t understand the lingo? Well to be a Reformed Hipster you need to touch up on your barber lingo. You need to learn the difference between a comb over fade and a Princeton. Buuuut for the first haircut I mentioned it is basically shaving the sides and back of your head and letting the top grow long and getting your natural hair part shaved to show the distinguished line.

See also: Man hair buns

7. Beards

Beards are to Reformed Hipsters like butter is to bread; they just go together and not that great when not combined.

From the 5 o’clock shadow to the Grizzly Adam, beards are essential. Not only do you need to grow a beard, but you also need to stock up on beard grooming products. Oh yes! You must use beard oil, mustache wax, beard wash, a large comb, a pocket comb (for on the road), a mustache comb, a trimming comb, and trimming scissors. Easy right!?

Oh for extra points make your own beard oil!

Also acceptable: epic mustaches, and goatees

6. Accessorize

This one is simple: Have an awesome messenger bag, and a fatigue cap

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